Monday, January 25, 2010


I have realised that I am not a very patient person! Waiting is really not much fun especially when while you are waiting you cant sleep, you have to pee every half hour and sometimes it is too painful to walk! Yes I am officially overdue! Baby was due 2 days ago and I am very ready for him/her to come OUT!

Knitting distracts me a little but I keep starting projects that I can take into the hospital and knit after the baby is born (ie easy projects) and I keep finishing them! So off to find something else to cast on today.

Not a lot of sewing happening here…to uncomfortable sitting at the sewing table for too long. I do have a custom order I need to get stuck into though so maybe I should just use that to distract me for a while!

I hope the next time you all hear from me it is to introduce our new addition!


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