Friday, November 21, 2008


Check out our (mine and Kathy's) new blog! We have decided it was time some things were changed and well...purified in our lives. Less consuming and more giving back. Simplifying our lives!
I am actually yet to post but do have many future posts up my sleeve! We have been cooking, planning and soap making. The veggie garden is well on it's way and we are trying to consume less. So check it out and see what we are up to in purifying our lives.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What are you making for Christmas?

I have so many wonderful Christmas gift ideas going around my head it is all rather exciting! Last year I had grand plans to make some of my gifts but only made one which is a bit sad. But this year I am ready to go and have HEAPS of ideas! So I though I would share some of them with you...

Super Cute Key Chain
Change Purse
Marble Magnets
Scrabble Tile Pendant
Reversible Journal cover
Felted Bags
Ribbon Ring Teether
Monogrammed Handkerchiefs
Felt Flower (to adorn felted bags?)
Covered Buttons (maybe for bags too?)
Wrapped Soaps (with handmade olive oil soap)
Notebook and Pencil Holder (for Elsa)
Olive and Archie (Elsa and Isla)
Recyclable Shopping Bags (to fill with lots of yummy food!)
Juggling Balls
Place mats
Knitted/Crocheted Facecloths

And more to come I am sure!
Friday, November 7, 2008

Knit one, Purl one...

Yes, it's knitting show off time! I have completed a few knitting projects in the last few weeks and have finally got around to taking photos of them!

You see I love to put completed photos on the girls right away and they (Elsa especially!) get them dirty pretty quickly so then I have to wash them and dry them (takes AGES with the current weather in Tassie!) before I can take my photos again!

First here is the shoaker I knitted with my wool I dyed. I wasn't sure about the striping at first as I had imagined that the colours would be more mixed together but now that it is done I love it!

Miss I was not in a smiling mood and whatever I did she refused to smile! I am sure if some of you had seen me dancing around the room trying to get a smile out of her you would have been quite entertained!

I have had this sitting in my knitting basket waiting for a button for about a month (or longer!) and since the weather is starting to warm up(well it was last week anyway!) I though I had better sew the button on so Miss E can get a few days wear out of it before it gets too warm!

My most recent completed item is a pair of shorties/capris for a friends little girl for her first birthday. I used the Ladybug Loops pattern and all the options are great!

The day has arrived!

Doll Quilt opening day that is!

I was especially blessed to recieve TWO quilts from the lovely Cass. (Thanks Cass!)

Elsa has claimed both of them and has wrapped her baby and thrown it and the quilts into Miss I's cot (she can't reach in hence the throwing) as that is where babies sleep!

And here is what I sent to Missie.

I had hoped the yellow would stand out a bit more.

The Strawberries are my favourite


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