Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The lost posts…

Since Eve’s birth there have been many posts written and not many published! Between feeds, cleaning, dealing with tantrums, cooking dinner, folding washing, changing nappies etc. I type a little here and there in the hope of completing a post but many times I don’t get the photos taken that I want to go with the post or the girls get to the computer and it disappears or the computer decides that now is the time to restart and it is all lost. I guess that is just my life at the moment. Busy, crazy at times but still full of fun and laughter! I hope there will be more posts coming soon…I have many going around in my head…maybe one day I will have time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stupid Skirt!

Argh!! 2 hours later and I have finally sewn 3 seams (unpicked many more than that) and attached the skirt to bridesmaids dress number 2 (4 times!!!). I did not unpick a single seam in the much more complicated bodice! I just hope they fit…


Vent over.

In a spin

I have discovered many things about myself recently and one of them is that I tend to take too much on! On top of looking after my 3 girls including Eve who is only 10 weeks old I am, sewing 2 bridesmaids dresses and 3 boleros using a slippery satin which I haven’t done a lot of sewing with before, getting ready for the Handmade Hobart Markets on May 15th and 16th including sewing up some new designs, doing a test knit for a fellow raveler, AND I bought my first spinning wheel!

In between all my other business I have managed to make time to have a little spin on the wheel! Here are my first and second attempts. I was very uneven with my plying on my first but managed to fix that on my second.

I am very excited to see what else I can create when I get the time…but for now back to my sewing machine!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Creative Bookshelf

Books! I love them! All kinds, not just craft ones, but with a passion for being creative comes a passion for buying craft books too. They hold a source of inspiration and when I don’t know what to create next or if I don’t feel like being creative just being inspired I sit and browse through my collection. I must admit that many of these books have not had any projects made out of them but this year I would like to change that. Throughout the rest of this year I will make a project from as many of my books as I can a do a little review as I go. Up first is the Alabama Stitch book so stay tuned to see my plans!


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