Wednesday, July 17, 2013

KCW – Day 2

Today I was going to finish that outfit for Miss 3 but Miss 6 had other ideas! I don’t blamer her though as Miss 3 gets most of my sewing samples for the store and it really was her turn!


This is the Flat Front Elastic Back skirt by Pattern Emporium. I made the size 6 with light gathers, tea length and pockets. I am so glad I did the pockets as they really add something to the skirt.


I had issues finding the right colour thread for the topstitching. I had a dark brown in my thread stash but it was way too dark. I ended up going with a dark gold colour and in the daylight it actually looks fine. I was all prepared to be unpicking the hem this morning to resew with a better match!


I will definitely sew this one again. I didn’t actually make the pattern pieces as directed in the pattern. I just cut them with my rotary cutter and mat. I think this was a lot faster for me. Oh I did use the pocket pattern pieces though.


I have pulled out some Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton that I might knit a little singlet top to match. I am still not sure about this though as I really like the tucked in look so you can see the waistband and cute pockets!


As you can see the pockets were a hit!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KCW – Day 1

I sadly didn’t get as much done yesterday as I would have liked. I guess that is just life with 3 kids!


I did get to sew this Camper Hat for Miss 3 and also cut a pair of KID shorts to match ready to sew today. I have pulled a plain t-shirt out of my t-shirt stash and will appliqué that with a pretty heart I think. That will be one outfit DONE! Yay!


I loved the hat pattern. It was pretty simple to put together. The bias binding was a little fiddly but it all worked out once I had it all pinned on!


The fabrics I used are a couple of vintage sheet fat quarters that I have had in my stash for ages! I think each of the girls need a vintage Camper hat!


And what does Miss 3 think of her new hat? She exclaimed “I love it Mummy! It is so beautiful!” Followed up with a big kiss and cuddle. Aww I really need to sew for my girls more often!


I have fabric and pattern all ready to cut a skirt out for Miss 6 so that is next on my list…oh and I am expecting my order to arrive today too!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hazel Apron Twirl Skirt

I love this pattern! It is from Violette Field Threads. I have sewn it a few times now. I loved the little corduroy version for Winter. So sweet and fun for little girls to be able to change their look by reversing the apron! The denim ones I have been making lately are even more versatile as they can be worn year round, especially here in Tasmania where our summers are cooler and the amount of fabric in the skirt shouldn't be too much for most days.


The denim is a very light denim and works really well in a skirt. I added a trim on the bottom of the skirt by taking about 1 inch off the skirt pattern pieces and then cutting a 3 inch strip for the trim. It is folded in half and sewn onto the skirt hem then topstitched on the denim to hold it in place and make it look a little more finished.





Oh and that bow on the coat hanger? That is a hair clip I made to match! I am now making these for me Wee Threads store. They are so sweet in a little girls hair or even in an adults hair…very vintage/retro.


I was going to take some modelled photos but I just wasn’t happy with how it looked with a t-shirt. I really want to be able to show off the buttons and the top of the apron so I think it needs to be worn with something tucked into it. I have decided that the Madelyn Top (also from Violette Field Threads) will be perfect. I don’t have the fabric for this yet so I will have to order some. I got out my KONA colour card and chose the perfect colour pink to match. I am not sure if I will do it all pink or pink with a floral collar…I am leaning towards all pink though as it will go with more.



Pattern – Hazel from Violette Field Threads

Fabric – Denim from my wholesaler, Out to Sea by Sarah Jane purchased from Hawthorne Threads

Notions – 4 buttons and elastic

Monday, July 8, 2013

Kids Clothes Week

I am very excited about KCW this season. I have decided that I will sew most of the girls clothes for Summer this year. I decided that if I start now I might actually have it done in time! I started a pin board over here to keep all my ideas together. It started out as my ‘to sew’ list but now I have added way too much!



I just ordered 14 yards of fabric from and have projects planned for all of it…I hope it all arrives in time…I might be pushing it really. Only 7 days to go.

Are you taking part in this round?

Friday, July 5, 2013


Isn’t that just the cutest name for these little overalls?


I purchased this pattern when it first came out but to be honest I was afraid it would be a lot of work for a pair of these and sometimes quick projects just seem more appealing. I had a brave moment and cut a pair out and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily they went together. The pattern is well written and every step is explained clearly. I think it helped that I had sewn the BOO! Pinny pattern before and knew how to do the trickiest step as it is pretty much the same as a step in the pinny.


    Eve just loves them and so do I. I wasn’t sure that I would love shorts with tights under them but I do!015

Pattern – BOO! Designs Design You Own Overalls

Fabric – Kaufman Cool Cords

Notions – 2 buttons


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