Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Isla

I can’t believe that she is 4! It really does not feel like 4 years ago that I waddled into the hospital to be induced after a night with very little sleep waiting for contractions to start. You see my waters had broken the previous morning 2 weeks early but my body did not want to join in! She was born at 8pm after a 6 hour labour with a wonderful supportive midwife who let me do my own thing. She was my smallest at 6lb 14oz and by far my easiest to push out! Two contractions and she was here!

Isla is definitely our little princess. Her middle name is Zaria which means princess and she certainly lives up to her name. She loves to dress up and pretend to be a princess. She hates getting dirty and at times has some of the less fortunate princess attributes too! Isla love to dance and sing. She comes alive in her Saturday morning ballet class and is always showing me some new dance. She loves her blankie and I think it will be around for a while longer.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! We love you to the moon and back!

1 day old

Isla 1 day

1 year old

Isla 1 year

2 years old

Isla 2 years

3 years old

Isla 3 years

Today – 4 years old


A (rushed) visit to Tangled Yarns

While I was in Brisbane one thing that I really wanted to do was to visit Tangled Yarns. I made it but it didn’t really go as I had planned. My husband was all happy for it until he realised that it was an hour away and then it was lunch time and the girls were hungry and grumpy. We found Wagamama restaurant to go to and had a a lovely lunch but I still had a grumpy and hot little family! I pretty much ran over to the shop and browsed for 15 minutes until I received a phone call from my husband. I couldn’t really hear much of what he was trying to say because of the screaming children I could hear in the background but I did understand that he wanted me to come soon! Very soon!

Even though the trip was not exactly as I had imagined (a little time to knit while having a coffee and an extended browse of the shop) I did manage to get a few things that were on my list


I purchased 3 skeins of Cotton Fine for some pretty little sun hats. I hope I can get to these before the summer sun hides for the winter!


I also got these two for a couple of little newborn Eden’s Adams. I want to be prepared this year with handmade baby gifts for friends who have babies. Last year there were so many born who I would have loved to have made something for but I wasn’t organised enough. Oh and the small projects would be great for helping me get to my 52 projects for the year!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

So in love!

You know those horrible lace grandma curtains! I have always hated them and sworn that I would never ever have them in my house! I have seen them many times in op shops and never given them a second thought but this tutorial has me wanting to go out first thing in the morning and buy one!

Isn’t it just completely adorable! Tuesday morning after dropping Elsa at school I think I will be making a trip to the op shop!
Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miss Jane Progress

I do love testing a pattern especially one that is well written and has hardly any mistakes for me to pick up. I love having the inside info, being one of the first to have the pattern…makes me feel all important! He he, yes small things amuse me!


I have a couple of tests on the go at the moment and one is Miss Jane for me. This is the adult version of the Jane cardigan. I bought Jane the day it was released but I am yet to knit one! I guess my list is SO long that it takes me a while to get around to knit some things…oh and I am pretty easily distracted by pretty yarn and new patterns…and test knits!

I am knitting it in gorgeous Red Riding Hood Yarn(pictured above). I love all of her colourways. If you haven’t bought any of her yarns you really should. You are missing out!


I love the fit of this cardigan. The measurement you use for choosing your size is upper chest, so pretty much under your arms. Using this measurement has produced a garment that fits so perfectly across my back and as it isn’t buttoned at the front you really don’t have to worry about bust measurements.


I still have a bit of length to knit but that is the easy part. I actually quite like it when I get to the ‘boring’ part of my knits as it makes them more portable as I can knit them without having to think. It will definitely be coming with me to the city today. I am meeting another lovely Ravelry friend who is in Hobart for the day for lunch. Oh and I am going kidless which is a bit of a thrill for me as it doesn’t happen often!

019 Please excuse my gorgeous workout clothes!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A few patterns that are inspiring me at the moment…definitely on the to knit list!

Zuzu's Petals by Carina Spencer – I would love to do this in a rich red or deep blue for the cooler weather…for me of course!

Source: via Meika on Pinterest


Fancy Guppy Skirt by Elena Nodel – This pattern hasn’t been released but I think this would be gorgeous with tights and boots for the girls for Winter. It would be lots of fun choosing the colours too!

Source: via Meika on Pinterest


Color Me Pretty Sweater by Elena Nodel – I did my first colourwork last year and was so pleased with the result. It was so much easier than I had thought it would be. This is definitely on the least for at least one of my girls!

Source: via Meika on Pinterest


Cinnamon by Elena Nodel – This would be great for my older two…as long as I can convince them to wear trousers and not a skirt!


Source: via Meika on Pinterest


Moody by Elena Nodel – The adult version of Cinnamon – I love this! It looks so warm and snuggly!

Source: via Meika on Pinterest

Well it looks like I like Elenas patterns! She has lots of other gorgeous ones too. I see that I will be knitting a few of hers this year!

Back to Reality

We are back from our 2 weeks in Queensland and it is back to school for Elsa. My husband is still on holidays and I am really enjoying having help get everyone ready and out the door in the morning. This morning he took her up on his own and I am still sitting here in my pj’s…what a luxury! Well it would be if Miss almost 4 wasn’t screaming “I want glue nooooooowwww!”


It hit me yesterday that now Elsa is full time at school there will be no slow morning here anymore! Monday to Friday we need to be out the door at 8am and Saturday the girls have ballet so we are out the door by 9:15. Sunday I either work or we have church. I will be loving public holidays I think!



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