Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just one more!

Ok I did take one more photo for the macro challenge so I thought i would post it anyway. Better late than never I guess!

Squish Squish

I am just going to pretend that I finished that challenge! I just got too busy and between dealing with Miss I and her feeding problems and Miss E and her tantrums there was no time for photography!

Anyway, we have been having fun with playdough lately! Miss E calls it her ‘Squish Squish’. This is something that will actually keep her occupied for more than 5 minutes so all the picking bits out of the carpet is worth it!

Oh and those pants for Miss I was working on are finished! She has only worn them once though. I don’t have a top to go with it….Hmm…a good excuse to go shopping I think! With the leftovers I made a lovely little beanie...and bit too little though!

I took this photo of Elsa and myself last week. Being the one in this house that takes all the photos there aren't many of myslef with the girls. I think I might have to sit my huspband down and make him take some photos with me in them!


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