Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Becoming an Auntie

No one ever told me just how special it is to be an auntie! I have my 3 beautiful girls but when I heard that little Lucette had arrived I loved her immediately and was so so excited! Her little chin and mouth reminded me a little of my girls, especially Eve and this was special too. Seeing my youngest brother as a dad was amazing! I know that they will be wonderful parents to this special little girl and I can’t wait to meet her!


As soon as I knew she had arrived I had to start planning some projects just for her and since they  live in Perth and it is coming into summer I knew I couldn’t knit cardigans and beanies so to the sewing machine I went!

First I found this super cute Kombi fabric! I only had a fat quarter and it has been in my stash for ages as I wanted to make something lovely out of it but there just wasn't enough for much! I ended up deciding on some little bloomers and an appliqu├ęd singlet to match. I used the decorative diaper cover pattern from Tie Die Diva and while it was easy to follow I did find the leg elastic casing a little fiddly and they are not perfect. I am sure not many would notice though!


Next up was something to match the Eden's Adam I had knit when I first found out that it was a little girl who was to join our family. White ruffled bottom bloomers seemed just perfect! These were also a Tie Dye Diva pattern and once again the leg elastic casing was very fiddly.


I have decided to try this Bettsy Kingston ruffled baby pants pattern to see if it is a little easier as I think they would be very popular in my Wee Threads store if I could master them! Once I sew up a pair I will report back and compare the two patterns.


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