Friday, September 7, 2012

Here she is! Little Red Riding Hood!

Ok so I don’t actually have photos of little red riding hood but I do have photos of my littlest all dressed up in her little red clothes!

This is what I made for the Red Riding Hood Yarns Birthday showcase. The album was opened for sale last night and the skirt set is already gone. The dress is still available but if it doesn’t sell then I will be making a few more skirt sets with the left over fabric as I have had a couple of requests for more of these.

I love this dress. It is so gorgeous and special and my little Eve is in love with it too. It helps that her favourite colour is blue!





This skirt set is divine! I wanted another item for the showcase and this was the result of a last minute session at the sewing machine. The red bloom t-shirt just went perfectly with it and I could resist making the little birdie yoyo clip!





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