Monday, November 25, 2013

Sale Time!

I would love to have this blog full of non business stuff but in reality I have been spending nearly all my time creating for my businesses lately. I hope to get all of it out of the way soon and give me some time to create for the people I love family!

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? I haven't! I'm actually hoping to make a lot of it but I must admit that time is running out a little!

I have sales going on at the moment for both of my businesses! So if you are still in need of some gifts then head on over and check them out!

Sunshine & Raindrops has 25% off all earrings in the store! Sale ends 9pm Tues 26th Nov.

I also have a sale on in my Wee Threads store! 20% off everything! Sale ends 9pm Tues 26th Nov.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fresh Designs Nappy Cover Pattern {Meika is easily distracted}

I like lists. I write them all the time. My list lately has been full of orders I need to get done but lately I have been distracted by all the new patterns that have been released! My latest purchase was the new Nappy Cover Pattern by Fresh Designs. Like all of her patterns it has lots of options!

I LOVE the ruffle butt option! The ruffles do take a while but it is SO worth it! This set makes me want another baby girl just so she can be dressed up in this set!

Yesterday I had a whole heap of orders I needed to finish instead of sewing them up what did I do? Yes I sewed another nappy cover! Yes I am easily distracted! I think I am in for a late night tonight as I need to catch up on all the orders before the weekend!

I will have some nappy covers and matching singlets in my store as soon as I get my Christmas orders done! If you want to know when they are available make sure you like Wee Threads on FB.
Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Thimble

I am so excited! The Australian Boutique pattern industry has some amazing ladies doing some amazing things at the moment. 12 months ago I would say that pretty much all of my patterns were from overseas designers but now I hardly buy anything but Australian designer. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing designers outside of Australia too and I love their patterns but it is really nice to be able to support some lovely Aussie mums!

Last week the lovely Jen from Ainslee Fox anounced a special project she had been working ezine! The first issue contains 8(yes EIGHT) PDF patterns for you to sew and all of them can be sold from. There will be articles on sewing and also on improving your business. This ezine is TOTALLY up my alley! 

Check out that dress! Isn't it just perfect! The pattern is one that is included. Oh! The back! I need to show you the back...
...sigh...Isn't it delightful!

I'm loving the K.I.S.S. dress too!

Actually I love it all. There are simple shorts for boys and an awesome appliqué. A cute hair flower and a bag your daughter will LOVE...well I know mine would anyway!

So I am sure by now you all want to know how you can get it and when!

Head over to the Facebook page to make sure you get all the info. You can sign up for their email list too. I have set a reminder in my phone so I don't forget to buy could I forget really, just covering all my bases!

Images used by permission from
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sewing for Me!

I always dream up outfits I want to sew for myself and pin numerous patterns and ideas but it has been a long long time since I have actually sewn anything for myself. I think I am scared that I will sew something and it won't fit or look right and then all that lovely fabric will go to waste! Well it is time to get over that because I now have a pile of fabrics ready to sew for myself and I am actually a little bit excited! OK I am a lot excited!

I ordered these fabrics a few weeks ago from Hawthorne Threads. I order quite a bit from here and have always been happy(in case you have been looking for somewhere to order fabric from!). I always order 10 1/2 yards to make the most of my postage! There is some Joel Dewberry rayons, some quilters cotton and some shot cotton too!

Oh and what am I going to sew? Well first up will be the flat front gathered ladies skirt from Pattern Emporium. You may remember that I made one for Miss Elsa a while ago. Now it's my turn!

I also want to sew myself a few dresses. I just love the warmer weather and being able to wear dresses! Let's hope Tasmania has a nice warm summer this year!

One of the down sides of having a business sewing clothing is most of your sewing time is taken up sewing for others. I am determined to sew more for myself and my family though! Next week I will set aside an evening just for ME sewing! Yay! 


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