Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One less thing to do!

Well, I now have packed in my hospital bag all the PJ's I should need for my stay after the bub is born. Here are the latest PJ's made by me!

I changed the pattern from last time and they fit ok. It will be easier to see exactly how they fit when there isn't a baby bump in the way! I didn't make the top this time, I bought a cheap singlet top from Big W.

Don't look too hard at the seams where the piping meets! Because it doesn't exactly meet on one side!

Please ignore the creases. I gave them a 'test run' last night and they were very comfy!


  1. Wow Meika, they look great! I've never tried putting piping on anything before. Was it hard?

  2. Meika, they are fantastic! Well done. Great fabric and the piping just finishes them off perfectly.

  3. Just gorgeous Meik. Love that fabric.



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