Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh so tired!

The third trimester tiredness has definately kicked in, and Miss E's antics on Christmas Eve didn't help! Little miss decided not to sleep AT ALL! She finally fell asleep at 6:00 am and I had to get up at 9:00 am to get things ready for Christmas Lunch! I really have no idea why she did it all I know is that pregnant women are not meant to stay up all night! I am still suffering for it!

On a happier note, I have heaps of projects that I want to start. the problem is which do I start first! DH bought me a cutting mat and rotary cutter so I am keep to start a little dolls quilt for Miss E. I also have a stack more newborn nappies to sew and only 8 weeks until D Day! I wonder if I will still have time to do all my creative things when I have 2 children...I am praying for a sleepy baby!

I also got some gorgeous yarn from 'The Yarn Cafe' in Mulbery. I was going to make another soaker for Miss E but I love it too much so it is going to be a beanie for me! I think i will use this pattern, or maybe this one.
I made my SIL a bag for Christmas but unfortunately silly me gave it to her before I took a pic! I might have to get her to come and visit with the bag so i can get a pic! I have plans to make a few more of the bags too. I want one myself and I have some fabric which will be prefect for my other 2 SIL's, oh and my mum wants one too! It is the flea market bag pattern by Grand Revival.

The fabrics for the bags.

Oh and I have also been knitting this little jacket for the new baby. I'm about halfway there I think, or maybe a bit less. It is so lovely and soft. It is in BWM 8ply cotton in Parchment.

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