Friday, February 1, 2008

I love the postman!

No not in that way! I just have a little addiction to receiving parcels in the mail! I feel like a child waiting for Christmas or her birthday just waiting to see what the postman will bring today! I really need to keep this addiction under control as I could see it getting rather expensive otherwise!

So this is what the postman has brought me in the past few days…..

BOOKS! Yay! Crafty books! And I love them!

I got them from the Book Depository and they all arrived in separate parcels which kind of added to the excitement!

I have so many more things to make now! Less than 4 weeks until my due date now so I will have to see what I can fit in! I do hope this baby understands just how important all my craftyness is and sleeps extra well so his/her mummy can still manage to get her ‘fix’!


  1. Oh oh oh, I am SO jealous!!!!!! I have the 'Bend-the-rules Sewing' book, which is my all time favourite sewing book, and I am DYING to get my hands on the 'Sew What - Skirts' book. I'm really looking forward to hearing your reviews of these books, and seeing some projects :)

  2. Goodness Meika -- you are going to have your hands FULL! New baby is going to have to be very good!

    Those look like a great selection of books that you've got yourself there -- glad we could help with that!

    Editor of The Book Depository website!

  3. Oooooo! I can't wait to see the knitted toys book again. I keep thinking about the turtle! We may have to visit you...

  4. You were a lucky girl - hope that you get a content baby too! I know I would be lost if I couldnt craft



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