Thursday, April 10, 2008

UFO's and bits

Oh I have so many UFO's...No! Not unidentified flying objects (although I have been tempted to throw some across the room!) but unfinished objects! I think that tomorrow I will make a list of them on here and you can all keep me accountable to getting them finished!

Anyway, I did finish this last night for Miss I but it is too small! I will have to make her one in the next size up I think. I really like the pattern. It is pretty simple but looks pretty!

I am also about halfway through a pair of Picky Pants for Miss I too.

I really should start something for Miss E! Poor thing is being left out of my knitting lately, probably because items for her take longer to knit!


  1. These are looking lovely. Such gorgeous coloured yarn! I'm still going on a scarf that I started about 4 weeks ago. At this rate it will be summer again before I finish it :O

  2. Cute hat!! I love the colours in the other knitting, but I have no idea what Picky Pants are!!!

  3. Have added a link to the pattern! Basicly they are woolen pant to go over cloth nappies.

  4. Just stopped by to say Hi as I'm now taking part in Karin's 30 day 30 photograph challenge.



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