Friday, November 7, 2008

Knit one, Purl one...

Yes, it's knitting show off time! I have completed a few knitting projects in the last few weeks and have finally got around to taking photos of them!

You see I love to put completed photos on the girls right away and they (Elsa especially!) get them dirty pretty quickly so then I have to wash them and dry them (takes AGES with the current weather in Tassie!) before I can take my photos again!

First here is the shoaker I knitted with my wool I dyed. I wasn't sure about the striping at first as I had imagined that the colours would be more mixed together but now that it is done I love it!

Miss I was not in a smiling mood and whatever I did she refused to smile! I am sure if some of you had seen me dancing around the room trying to get a smile out of her you would have been quite entertained!

I have had this sitting in my knitting basket waiting for a button for about a month (or longer!) and since the weather is starting to warm up(well it was last week anyway!) I though I had better sew the button on so Miss E can get a few days wear out of it before it gets too warm!

My most recent completed item is a pair of shorties/capris for a friends little girl for her first birthday. I used the Ladybug Loops pattern and all the options are great!


  1. What great knitting: beautiful dyeing, I love the red dress, I am sure I had one like that when I was little and the little trousers are so cute!! At the moment it's teeming down here so you could do with a warm dress and a coat!!

  2. Such beautiful knitting. All the pieces are lovely, but the red tunic is just divine.

  3. They're adorable. I love the love heart on the pants.

  4. Hi Meika beautiful knitting and colours! Where do you get the patterns from? Or did you make them up. Clever...please let me know.

  5. They are all gorgeous - well done!
    I love the colours on the woollies and the pinni is simple but stunning - you found the perfect button for it too.



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