Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playing Catch up

Helloooooo, anyone there? I wouldn't be surprised if there is no one there as it has been more than TWO MONTHS since my last post (I can hear you all gasping from here! Well anyone still reading that is!). Isn't is funny how time can crawl sometimes and other times it just flies by. Well that is what my last two months have done, flown! I think with all the Christmas crafting I kind of got out of the habit of even reading others blogs!

So what has happened in the last two months?

  • Christmas and New Year of course! Not a lot to tell about this, just your typical Christmas and new year complete with family dramas...nothing I want to share on here though (sorry stickybeaks!)
  • Lovely family holiday with another family as well on the East coast of Tasmania...just gorgeous!
  • Isla's First Birthday! yes my baby is ONE! Still can't belive it!
  • Our fourth wedding anniversary...TODAY! (Happy anniversary honey. I love you!) Unfortunately we have all come down with gastro this week so neither of us are feeling up to going out. Maybe next week when we are both feeling better.
  • Lots of knitting, not much sewing, and no scrapbooking!
I will post about each of these sometime soon. When? You ask...well given my past performance with this blog I am not going to commit to anything!


  1. Cooeeee .... yes someone is still here. Sounds like you have been kind of busy. Sorry to hear about the gastro - that's the pits!

  2. Happy Anniversary - hope your all feeling better today!

    nic xxx



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