Friday, April 15, 2011

Do I remember how to do this?

Wow it certainly has been a long time. Not sure what happened there…life got busy! We had family staying with us for a few months and that certainly makes the house and many aspects of life a lot busier! They are gone now and I feel like things are back to normal…whatever that is! (Ok I need to stop with those exclamation marks!) Elsa is at school and finally starting to settle in I think. There have been many mornings with crying and not wanting to let go…most of it Elsa(some of it me…not that she saw that bit though) but she is starting to let me go and not cry which is a huge relief.

One thing I have made time for in the last few months is my stress relief…knitting and a little sewing. A lot of it I haven’t even taken photos of. My project gallery on Ravelry is looking a little bit sad with all the missing photos so I really should have a photo shoot soon and get photos of all the new things I have made my girls. I do have photos of one outfit I made for Eve though. I have had the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern for so so long and even had it sitting with the right fabric and everything and the pattern traced for months and months…I finally sewed a pair and I love them so much! The fit is just perfect for a cloth bottom and they look so cute with that bottom panel.I have many many more pairs planned for Eve now and am making a few for friends too. I am thinking of making  a few to sell under my Wee Threads brand too as many people have asked me about them. i won’t commit to too much though as I know that is what I normally do and then I just stress out!

Anyway, here they are in all their cuteness. The jumper she is wearing is a Little Hoodlum(without the hood as I ran out of yarn) and it is embellished with a strawberry from a Watermellish chart. It actually wasn’t made to go with the pants but they work together perfectly.


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