Saturday, November 26, 2011

I made it for ME!

I am so super excited that I finally made something for myself! After sewing that dress for my 30th and having it actually fit me I was all inspired to sew for myself again. It did take me a while to actually get around to it though. Talking to my SIL I discovered that she too wanted to make herself some skirts for the summer and we had another friend who was interested too so we got together last week for a skirt sewing evening. To be honest only one of use got much sewing done and it wasn’t me! I did get my pattern drafted and my SIL made good progress on one of the gifts she is making for my girls for Christmas so it was a productive evening anyway. The next morning everything was still out so I decided to get stuck into it even though I had all 3 kids around. It only took a couple of hours so I was pretty pleased.



The skirt is a combination of the circle skirt from MADE and this tutorial changing it into a wrap skirt. I had to cut two semi circles(donuts) as my fabric wasn’t wide enough and if I make another(which I am pretty certain that I will) I will change how I put it together as how I like to tie it the seam sits right at the front. It doesn’t really matter as you can’t see it very well anyway.

You can tie the ties in a bow as above or leave them in a knot. I like both looks.


I see a few more of these being made for both myself and the girls!

Now what to sew next?

ps Taking good photos of yourself is HARD!


  1. It's really hard! Love the skirt though.

  2. Cuu-uute! I love the fullness of the circle skirt paired with the more interesting tie of the wrap skirt: I definitely see myself trying this at some point.

    I think I wandered over here because I saw you'd sewn up Simplicity 2444, which I'm planning on making soon. Your version is lovely!

  3. I love it! And it is darling with a striped shirt!

  4. Love it! This is on my to sew list. :)



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