Saturday, October 5, 2013

Healthy Chocolate Icecream!

Yes you read correctly! HEALTHY chocolate ice cream!

I am in the process of changing all of our diets to be dairy and grain free. My eldest can't have dairy anyway and I am pretty sure that grains are not good for her(or me!) either. So basically we are starting on a Paleo diet...with my own changes based on what suits my family best.

I'm not doing it suddenly, at least with the girls, otherwise I am sure I would have a mutiny on my hands! Instead all our dinners are paleo and I am starting to introduce some good breakfasts and then I will work on what to put in the lunch boxes!

I made this chocolate milkshake this morning and it went down well with all the kids (and me!) and I decided to try freezing the left worked perfectly! I would love to make a batch up and put it through the ice cream maker too!

I didn't add cinnamon but I did add an avocado...makes it extra creamy!

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