Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Versatile Wrap Skirt {A Make it Perfect Pattern}

Taking photos for this blog post took forever! A combination of getting your 5 and 7 year olds to take the photos and using a tripod and a timer meant a challenging photo shoot! It doesn't help that when I look at the photos I can see the weight I have gained. I think I have been living in denial but photos are ever truthful unfortunately! Anyway back to the sewing...

I purchased this pattern  when I first got back into sewing so probably about 5-6 years ago! It is a simple pattern where the pieces are cut from the measurements given. I know some people hate this and prefer to have pattern pieces but I actually really like having tracing out the pattern pieces!

I wore the skirt out before I had put the button hole on the side as I really wanted to wear it out and I was really pushing it to get it done! At first I was happy without the button hole but after wearing it again today I have now put the button hole in it as the ties stay in place better with it.

I have now pulled out heaps of other fabric that I could use to sew myself skirts and can see that before long my wardrobe will be full of them! Hooray for ME sewing!

Pattern - Versatile Wrap by Make It Perfect


  1. Looks good Meika, I love the fabric. I think you look lovely, and the girls did a good job with the photos.

  2. Gorgeous, Meika. Beautiful fabric. I made one of these a few years back but I haven't worn it for ages. I should go and pull it back out. You have reminded me what a lovely pattern it is.



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