Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not enough cream?

So what do you think? I was picturing it with more cream in it. I do like it though. I think it will look very pretty on Miss E with a white singlet/top on a summers day!

I have also finished this PK soaker in Vintage Hues.

Not much else going on here. Just lots of pregnany aches and pains! The heartburn is getting kind of annoying!


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say how much I love your blog! You are certainly an inspiration and doing so marvelously with your sewing - you can't call yourself a beginner anymore, your work is gorgeous (as well as the little model you have there ;))

    It is hard to keep a big part of the wool cream, as the dye spreads out of control sometimes, I found the same with my newborn nautical longies, as I only wanted a touch of red and it just went ballistic leaving oinly a touch of white. I think I like the effect of your strawberries and cream knitted up though - I think it's just right (I prefer more strawberries than cream anyhow LOL) Looks so sweet.

  2. I think the colour loks gorgeous, and Im sure Elsa will look just beatuiful in them!

    nic xxx

  3. I love it, just enough cream I'd say!

  4. I always like more berries than cream anyway ; ) and oh those pregnancy pains, ugh the things we go through!



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