Monday, July 7, 2008

I LOVE this jumper!

It's it gorgeous! I love the lace pattern on the front and it is surprisingly easier than it looks! It is called Persephone's Tunic and I purchased the pattern from here.

I finished this much about ...hmmm... a month and a half ago! I really should get those sleeves finished to Miss I can wear it. the weather here seems to have finally hit winter (Yay! there is snow on the mountain!) and a jumper is just what she needs.

...So, when I have finished my swap beanie (which I am yet to take a photo of! Sorry!) I will get those sleeves finished!

Oh and I have a heap more tutorials to add to the list! I don't think realistically I will ever be able to make everything in the list but it is nice to have them all there to inspire me!


  1. I cant believe you say yay about winter - I am dreaming of Spring already!! so cold!! Love that sweater - it is divine!

  2. Hi Meika! Thanks for commenting on my give-away. I'm glad I found your site! I'll be back...



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