Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Marina who has a lovely blog Wink Designs and has just had the most gorgeous baby girl! (almost as gorgeous as my 2!) So here goes...

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was only 16 years old! I was in year 10 and although I thought I was very grown up I really had no idea! Nothing exciting to write about that really!

5 snacks you enjoy (in an ideal fat-free world)

Chocolate! Cheesecake! Chocolate! Brie Cheese! Chocolate! (did I say chocolate?!) oh and timtams!(chocolate really!)

5 snacks you enjoy (in the real world)

Phili on toast, mango, melon(watermelon and rockmelon), Chai latte, and probably chocolate too!

5 things you'd do if you were a billionaire

Build our dream home on our dream land (a few acres with gorgeous views) with my dream craft studio!

Buy a holiday home in Fiji and maybe another in Europe

Set up investment accounts for our girls (boring I know but my husband is in finance and wouldn't be happy if I missed that on out!)

Employ someone to do my housework! (more time to use my dream craft studio and spend time with my family!)

Travel the world first class and staying in the best hotels but still have days/weeks of really getting out among the local people! (family friendly of course!)

5 jobs you've had


maths and science tutor

collecting medical data for a PhD student

Cherry picking/sorting (sooooooo boring!)


3 habits you have

Staying up too late! (I love the quiet of the house when everyone else is in bed but always regret it when my girls wake me up in the morning!)

Biting my nails when I am nervous or stressed (you can tell how I am by the length of my nails!)

Leaving things to the last minute ( I have a list of things to do today which have to be done TODAY as I have left them so late!)

5 places you've lived

Lismore (I was born here)

Bristol, UK (worked there for about 8 months but came home to have Miss E)

Hobart (where I live now and have for most of my life!)

5 things you have to do today

change nappies (not the highlight of my day!)

bath children

feed baby

go to postoffice


5 people you want to know more about

My ancestors - I always wonder what they were like, If I am like any of them and what life was like for them!

One of my best friends boyfriend - She is living in the UK and I have never met him...I am yet to give my stamp of aproval!!

...I can't think of anyone else!

I would like to tag Pink Lizzy. She is always making new and wonderful creations! Head on over and check out what she is up to today!

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  1. I love your post - there were so many mentions of chocolate that I am about to race off and find a snack!

    I'm very fond of Bristol - spent time working there pre-kids. Lived near St Mary Redcliffe and can still remember the deafening sound of the bells. The best part of being there through was that Bath was so close!



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