Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feeling Stitchy!

My supply of nice stitch markers has been dwindling! I think there may be a few down the side of the couch and I think Miss E may have a few in her little collection of treasures but where the rest have gone I have no idea! So with the recent 20% off at Spotlight I decided to make a few of my own! I came home armed with beads, tiger tail, plyers and sculpy clay ready to make a few of my own! This was the result...

My cupcake markers are on their way to someone in a Magic Yarn Ball Swap and the others are tucked away in my stitchmarker bag ready to be used with my next project. I am in love with the cupcakes though so there are more on their way already!


  1. The cupcakes look amazing!!! Excuse my ignorence but what does a stitch marker do? I know the name is probably self explainitry....

  2. You slip them on your knitting needles to mark the start/finish of patterns or placement of increases etc.

  3. so if you could point me to HOW I can make some of these... I'd be very happy. I dont like my ugly plastic ones.

  4. Yara, you need to go to a beading supplies shop and buy some beads, tigertail and crimps as well as some little plyers. Basicly the crimps are crushed with the plyers to stop the beads from falling off and you arange the beads as you like and then loop the top and crimo that too. I am sure someone in a beading supplies place could show you how to use tigertail and crimps!

  5. These look great - you did wonderfully - love all of them - hope that your little helpers dont claim them too quickly.



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