Friday, April 3, 2009

Pay it Forward

I have just signed up for 'pay it forward' on the lovely Ruth's blog.

Here is how it goes...

I will send a handmade or crafty gift to the first 3 people to leave comments on this post. It wont be tomorrow, maybe not next month, but I promise that it will be in the next 365 days. In return, they have to pay it forward (ie, send something nice!) to 3 more people.

Now doesn't that sound like a nice idea!Oh and this is my lovely Magic Yarn Ball from Vanessa (Monsoon Designs) It is being knitted into a lovely shawl!


  1. Ohhhh Meika, I would love to receive one of your lovely creations.

    Those butterflies look gorgeous.

  2. Great idea Meika. I want to play too.

    Love your two little treasures.

  3. This is a lovely idea Meika :0)



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