Tuesday, April 14, 2009

See you when we get there...

Tomorrow is the day...or at least it is supposed to be the day! The people buying our house have had some hold ups and it looks like their finance, although approved, will not be ready for tomorrow! Anyone out there looking to buy, DON'T go through a broker! Do the research yourself and apply yourself. it is faster and less mucking around!!

Anyway, we are still hoping that there will be some sort of miracle and it will go through tomorrow but otherwise it will be Friday. Movers are coming tomorrow regardless so we will possibly be staying with my dad until it is all sorted. Not really what we wanted and not all that easy with 2 little ones. BUT we will get there (just trying to convince myself!)


  1. Ive got everything crossed for you - hoping for tomorrow!!!

    Nic xxx

  2. Good luck ... hope it all goes as smoothly as possible!

  3. Good luck Meika! I hope you are in your new house really soon.

  4. I know you are out there somewhere because in my Snail Blazer swap was a beanie from you. I was very excited to have something from someone I knew internetally. The beanie was so gorgeous and the flower adornment perfect!! Hope everything is going well!!

  5. Hi Meika,

    Just a quick comment to say thank you for the absolutely gorgeous beanie. We're off to woodend in Victoria for the weekend and it's going to get a workout!



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