Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know, I know!

It's been too long! I do have excuses but when I see how many of you manage to blog rain, hail or shine they seem a little pointless!

I do have a little announcement to make though....(drum roll please).....

We are expecting baby number 3! Yes come Jan next year I will have 3 little munchkins to look after!

Feeling rather sick and tired at the moment and have been spending a lot of time lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself! One positive to the lying on the couch is that I have been getting a lot of knitting done! So when we actually have a break in the overcast, rainy weather I will attempt to get some half decent photos and show you all what I have been working on!

Oh and I will also get pics of the new house. No promises as to when this will be as it actually requires the house to be tidy for long enough for me to take the photos and with all the knitting ...I mean baby growing going on here it has not been photo worthy for a while!


  1. Congratulations heres to a healthy pregnancy and may January roll on nice and quickly for you.

  2. Massive congrats! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

  3. Congratulations! Baby-baking is the best excuse for not blogging!

  4. Congratulations - have fun and enjoy your third pregnancy. Looking forward to seeing all of the knitting and that you have been doing on the couch. Rest up I say and dont worry about the house or the pitures!

  5. Ooh, congratulations, isn't January going to be exciting!!! early Jan or late Jan?



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