Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Party Dress

My baby brother (he’s 23 so not really a baby I guess) is getting married  next week and so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get back into my sewing and to make the girls little matching dresses for the wedding. Generally I really don’t like matching outfits but these dresses are so cute I thought it would look gorgeous not tacky(I hope!)

Here is Elsa’s dress (Oliver & S Birthday Party Dress) minus the buttons. I am yet to buy the buttons so it is just sitting on the hanger with a few pins to keep it all in place.

I loved sewing this dress but I did find the pleats challenging. I am a bit of a perfectionist and so I undid the stitching a number of times in the pleats to get them sitting as close to perfect as I could. They are not perfect but I am happy with the result.


  1. This looks beautiful, matching dresses like this will be perfect for the special day :)

  2. Meika this is adorable, I love the red - makes me even more keen to try this pattern out!

  3. LOVE IT. Matching dresses are so cute for a wedding. It looks amazing. Well done.

  4. the girls are going to look adorable in their matching dresses. You did an awesome job on them, they look fantastic.

    Nic xxx

  5. This is beautiful! Nice work, they will look so sweet.

  6. Gorgeous - love the red with the white ribbon. Very effective!



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