Friday, August 7, 2009

Ishbel…a VERY late birthday present

My mums birthday is in January and about 3 weeks before hand I had a great idea of knitting something for her. I purchased the yarn, chose a pattern and even dyed it up myself, BUT I didn’t even get it cast on! Yes I am very slack daughter!


Well my SIL got onto me about it (in the nicest way) and so I finally cast on and completed this in about 10 days. I am quite happy with it. It is my first attempt at a shawl and I really like the smaller size for use as a scarf.




  1. Ohhhh that is LOVELY! so pretty, I'm sure she will forgive the lateness of the gift : )

  2. woah! 2 post in one day! I'm impressed! The scarflette is beautiful, I'm glad I nagged you incessently :)

  3. oohhh that's lovely. I've been looking at this pattern and wondering if I'm up too it yet. Love the colours you dyed the yarn, very pretty

  4. Gosh, that's so lovely and the colour is really pretty.
    GORGEOUS work!!



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