Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KCWC – days 1 & 2

I feel like a bit of a fraud as I did the first two days in one and now I don’t have any photos for you! I haven’t finished anything yet but I do have 3 pairs of BBB Pants almost finished and I was out all of today and as I hate taking night time photos and it is nearly dark here already I have taken none.

BUT I do have something else to share. I finished knitting this jacket for Eve last week and finally got the buttons sewn on over the weekend. It was part of the Budding Designers Downunder KAL and is the Young Einstein Jacket. I did want it to have a hood but I didn’t have enough yarn. Speaking of the yarn it is Celia’s Basket Comfort 8 and it is gorgeous to knit with!




Oh and I can’t forget the hat! It is Elliot’s Beanie. This was my compromise when i didn’t have enough for a hood!

I will finish those pants off tonight and then I might cut a skirt for Isla. I am thinking  of a  Girly Pleated Skirt by Heidi and Finn, maybe in denim to go with everything! I love the little pleats! SO cute!

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  1. Love the jacket and beanie - very cute!

    Nic xxx



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