Wednesday, January 4, 2012

52 in 52

This is my (or one of) new years resolution! I aim to complete 52 knitting or crochet projects in 52 weeks! There will definitely be some smaller projects among them such as hats and dolls clothes but I also want to knit a few things for me this year. I don’t think this is really too hard but I will have to be organised and not have the in between project times where I can not knit for a couple of weeks at times!

I already have 3 things on the needles so I am right for projects for a little while. These were all started last year but I have decided that is ok. I just have to complete 52 with the space of 12 months.
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The only challenge I think I will have is also fitting in my sewing! Since my Christmas sewing I have fallen back in love with my sewing machine so I will have to find a way to balance my sewing and knitting time!
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I have started a project on Ravelry to keep track of it all and my list of potential projects is already huge! So you can expect 1 post a week (on average!) with a completed item! How exciting is that!
Source: via Meika on Pinterest

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  1. All the best with this challenge! I was wondering where the sewing was going to fit in and then I read on.... I look forward to seeing all of your 52 gorgeous projects. Susan



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