Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Acacia tops and Sprinkle Skirts

I had these little outfits planned from before Christmas but I simply ran out of time to get it all finished. The tops have been done for almost a month but the skirts just didn’t happen before Christmas. I am glad that I didn’t try and squeeze them in as the hand stitching took a lot longer than i thought it would. Probably about 2-3 hours per skirt! It was so simple but pretty time consuming.


The tops are the Acacia pattern by Georgie Hallam. They are so gorgeous and the fit is just great. My girls seem to have pretty sensitive skin but the Bendigo Cotton that I knit these is is very soft and doesn’t irritate them at all. I love that this outfit is the favourite at the moment. Nothing better than seeing your kids love what you made for them!


The skirts are based on the Mary Lee skirt by Viola Lee patterns. The pattern is for a double layered skirt but I wanted something more simple that they could pretty much slip on with any of their summer tops but I didn’t want them to be too plain so I added the hand stitching so make them a little more special. I also made one for Eve but I haven’t knit her top so I decided not to photograph hers until I get it done!



For the stitching I just chose 5 colours for Pearle Cotton(which really isn’t very cheap!) to match the yarn I used for the tops and did a simple running stitch around the bottom of the skirt.It is very much inspired by this skirt I found on Pinterest.


I actually took 1 inch off the lengths in the pattern and if I make them again(which I think I will, in some pretty prints) I will take at least another 1-2 inches off. I think they sit just a little too long.

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  1. Lovely! The stitching at the bottom of the skirt really finishes it off



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