Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Isla

I can’t believe that she is 4! It really does not feel like 4 years ago that I waddled into the hospital to be induced after a night with very little sleep waiting for contractions to start. You see my waters had broken the previous morning 2 weeks early but my body did not want to join in! She was born at 8pm after a 6 hour labour with a wonderful supportive midwife who let me do my own thing. She was my smallest at 6lb 14oz and by far my easiest to push out! Two contractions and she was here!

Isla is definitely our little princess. Her middle name is Zaria which means princess and she certainly lives up to her name. She loves to dress up and pretend to be a princess. She hates getting dirty and at times has some of the less fortunate princess attributes too! Isla love to dance and sing. She comes alive in her Saturday morning ballet class and is always showing me some new dance. She loves her blankie and I think it will be around for a while longer.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! We love you to the moon and back!

1 day old

Isla 1 day

1 year old

Isla 1 year

2 years old

Isla 2 years

3 years old

Isla 3 years

Today – 4 years old



  1. Oh my, she is Precious! I have two princesses of my own but they are taller than me now. I miss the days of dress-up.
    Catherine Denton

  2. My princess is all grown up now but dress ups were always a favourite.She looks adorable. Happy days.



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