Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miss Jane Progress

I do love testing a pattern especially one that is well written and has hardly any mistakes for me to pick up. I love having the inside info, being one of the first to have the pattern…makes me feel all important! He he, yes small things amuse me!


I have a couple of tests on the go at the moment and one is Miss Jane for me. This is the adult version of the Jane cardigan. I bought Jane the day it was released but I am yet to knit one! I guess my list is SO long that it takes me a while to get around to knit some things…oh and I am pretty easily distracted by pretty yarn and new patterns…and test knits!

I am knitting it in gorgeous Red Riding Hood Yarn(pictured above). I love all of her colourways. If you haven’t bought any of her yarns you really should. You are missing out!


I love the fit of this cardigan. The measurement you use for choosing your size is upper chest, so pretty much under your arms. Using this measurement has produced a garment that fits so perfectly across my back and as it isn’t buttoned at the front you really don’t have to worry about bust measurements.


I still have a bit of length to knit but that is the easy part. I actually quite like it when I get to the ‘boring’ part of my knits as it makes them more portable as I can knit them without having to think. It will definitely be coming with me to the city today. I am meeting another lovely Ravelry friend who is in Hobart for the day for lunch. Oh and I am going kidless which is a bit of a thrill for me as it doesn’t happen often!

019 Please excuse my gorgeous workout clothes!

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