Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help children in Uganda directly through Child Sponsorship – Guest Post

This is guest post from Sarah Paige

In early March of this year, the video Invisible Children (also known as Kony 2012) was released by director Jason Russell. Almost overnight, the video was watched by millions of people and its message spread across the world.

It brought to light the immense suffering, danger and trauma faced by children in Rwanda being used as child soldiers by tribal warlords. Millions expressed their outrage at what they saw, and many initiatives sprung up to help the young and vulnerable in this region of Africa.

Prior to Kony 2012, international organisations and action groups had been tackling the problems of Uganda for years. Kony 2012 shone a light on the efforts of these groups, and has given fresh impetus for people to take a stand against the appalling conditions faced by young people in the country.

Do your bit

Now is the ideal time for people to do their bit in bringing help and hope to the children of Uganda. Kony 2012 revealed, very publicly, that the problems of child soldier use, of slavery, of torture and abuse of young people is not exceptional, and its effects are widely felt. Mothers, fathers, brother and sisters are torn apart by the effects of these practices in Uganda, and the problem will not go away unless people take an active stance against it.

The benefits of sponsoring a child in Uganda are many, and they help the plight of ordinary Ugandans in many ways. By sponsoring a child, you are not only helping one boy or girl, but actually your contributions are going a long way toward improving the lot of others. Child sponsorship initiatives are designed not only to help a single child, but also other children alongside them and their families. What you provide to these children is an opportunity to live a better life, and to live in peace and a state of normality.

Children are really the future

Children are the future of any society. They are the promise of hope, of progress and of change. They are what make families whole, and they are society’s most cherished and protected members. Yet in Uganda, the apples of youth are being plundered, corrupted and destroyed by violence and chaos. The time has come to give Ugandan children, the future of the country, the protections of education, safety and security they deserve. Sponsoring a child is a bold and real way of working towards a Uganda free from child-slavery and suffering.

It is a way toward a Uganda where children can live normal, healthy and happy lives.

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