Sunday, April 22, 2012

Appliqué Love

As of 2 weeks ago the only appliqué I had ever done was to appliqué Elsa’s name on her library bag and cushion for school! I was scared of appliquéing stretch fabric and didn’t plan to do it any time soon. Then i was asked to do a custom order for someone for their baby who is due in a couple of months. She wanted some Big Butt Baby Pants, a bib and an appliquéd t-shirt to match. I said yes and then freaked out! What if I couldn’t do it? I had already promised so I planned a couple of practice shirts for a friends little boy and worked up the courage to try.

Here are the results…




Oh and I love it! It is lots of fun and no where near as hard as I thought. I am slow at it but that is ok, I know I will get faster!

There were for my Wee Threads store and given the positive reactions I have received I am sewing up another 11 shirts for a stocking this week. I plan to have it on Friday night but I will confirm once I have a few more completed.

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  1. They all look great! Did you knit the longies too? They are really nice.



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