Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crazy Me! (and some applique t-shirts for sale)

Yes, I think I am a little crazy. Maybe even a lot crazy!

I now have 3 little businesses!

I have already introduced you all to Princess Boo and Wee Threads but now I also have The Button Jar! Lots of gorgeous buttons for all you knitting and sewing projects…or jsut to collect!

I will write a little more about The Button Jar tomorrow but I also wanted to tell you all that tonight I will be having a little stocking of my appliqué shirts at Wee Threads so head over and see if something takes your fancy!



  1. The birdie tshirt has just arrived; Eleanor loves it! Do you do any cream-coloured long-sleeve Ts? I just bought E a few new skirts, and would love to work with you to commission a couple of appliqued Ts to coordinate.

  2. Nice collection.I really like this post.kid's apparelt- shirt is so cute and designs are so nice.Thanks for sharing.



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