Sunday, January 6, 2008

Progress at last!

It has been a while...a long while actually, since I have had the sewing machine out! My pile of fabrics and patterns has been expanding but I simply have struggled to get anything done! BUT tonight I did it! Hubby went out for the evening, Miss E was in bed and the machine came out!

What did I make, you ask?

Nothing stunning BUT it is progress! I added another flannelette nappy to my newborn stash for this bub! I now have six. I need more but at least I am starting to get there!

That reminds me actually, I really had better start getting ready for this baby! At this stage with Miss E I was super organised! Maybe it is just a first baby thing. I have abosolutely nothing for my hospital bag...Oh well maybe I will get started on that tomorrow. Yay more progress to be made!


  1. Wow, I'd never thought of actually sewing these myself. Rats, I could have saved a bundle! They look great

  2. Meika - wow this nappy looks great. Love the fabric. Thanks for the link to the dolls nappy - hope to try it soon.



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