Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting ready to party!

I am 30 next week! In 5 days actually! 30 seems so much older than 29. It is that 3 at the beginning that I can’t get over! I know it really isn’t that old but I feel like I only just came out of my teens!

Instead of worrying about that ‘3’ I have decided that I am going to PARTY! Celebrate my 30 years and all the blessings that they have brought.

I am having a 1950’s wonderland tea party. Sounds a bit all over the place doesn’t it? Well that is because I couldn’t work out how to describe it! I wanted pretty teacups and pretty food but also some fun and quirky touches. I didn’t want it too formal, I wanted it fun! I am going to be setting up a photo booth with fun props and we will have fun 1950’s music.

I bought myself a dress from ModCloth but unfortunately it is too small so I will be sending it back and sewing one instead. I am actually quite excited about getting the sewing machine out…it has been a while!

I will be using Simplicity 2444 and some navy polka dot fabric.

I was inspired by this dress

Source: via Meika on Pinterest

and this one too.

I think I might drop the bow and make a belt using one of these plastic buckles


…probably white…but that orange does look great too!


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