Sunday, August 7, 2011

Win a $750 Fuel Card

Ok so I hope I have your attention. Yes you can win a fuel card BUT what I really wanted to ask you …ok beg you to do is to vote for my friend Bianca.

She was one of 12 selected to test drive a 2012 Ford Focus and whoever gets the most votes over 4 weeks gets to keep their car! Bianca has done so well especially considering the guy coming first is (or so I have heard) in marketing. She is coming second and there is quite a gap to close but she isn’t giving up yet!

Every vote goes into the draw to win a fuel card worth $750 so not only are you helping Bianca out but you could win something too. It is one vote per day so if you remember pop on again tomorrow and vote too. It only takes about 30 seconds and I will be very grateful and I am sure Bianca will be especially grateful!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Meika what a crack up Bianca's video is!

    I've just voted for Bianca and wish her luck with the car - she was third on the leader board when I checked.

    xx Felicity



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