Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So you know that list I made? Well I haven’t done anything off it! I don’t know what gets into me but I think I am just ultra good at procrastinating! Seeing a gorgeous scarf a fellow Raveler had made for her daughters teacher I was inspired to do the same. This was a week ago…and no it wasn’t just 1 scarf, it was THREE! Elsa has two gorgeous assistants in the class and I wanted to make one for each of them too.

My lovely friend Jess came to my rescue and made one of them for me which was wonderful as I wouldn’t have got a third done in time. The other two were up to me to make. I finished the first on Monday, hmmm that is 2 days until school finishes..could I do it? Not one to walk away from a challenge I was up late on Monday casting on the 3rd scarf. Tuesday my house…well lets just say than not a lot got done. Elsa was very good at telling the other girls that I was busy knitting for her teachers so I got quite a bit done but I didn’t actually cast off until this afternoon at 1:00pm!! I had to leave to pick Elsa up at 2:00pm! It NEEDED blocking. The lace wasn’t open at all and it would curl up and twist! So I washed it in hot water and put it in the washing machine for a good spin then i pinned it out under the heat pump(turned right up!) and got out the hairdryer! I am happy to say that an hour later it was dry and wrapped!



  1. These look lovely!
    I can't remember how many times I've been still making something up to the very last minute.

  2. those scarves are GORGEOUS! you are so ambitious!



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