Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three Stitches

My brave little Isla split her head open on Tuesday night. She was meant to be sleeping but was jumping on the bed. I heard a bang and a scream and when I went in there was blood everywhere! I scooped her up and looked at her head to find a very deep split. Josef was out side doing the lawns so I ran outside and yelled at him to get an ambulance. He freaked when he saw me running towards him with a child covered in blood and ran inside and rang them. We then rang my mum to look after the other 2 girls so we could both go with her.

The ambulance took 45mins(another reason to move closer to the city!) but the bleeding had stopped by then. She was assessed and it was decided that she would go in our car and they would follow us.

When we got there we got a bed pretty quickly (about 10:30) and Isla went off to sleep but we didn’t get seen properly until 3:30 and it was decided that stitches were needed as it was too deep(full thickness).

She had to be wrapped and held down and it was pretty distressing for all of us. But my brave little girl now has 3 stitches in her head. We didn’t get home until 4:45 and Eve woke at 7:30 for the day so not much sleep was had.


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  1. Ow! poor little chicken! Guess she won't be jumping on the bed anytime soon though!



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