Sunday, December 4, 2011

I do so love surprises!

Don’t you just love getting a surprise parcel in the mail. It really doesn’t happen that often but it is so so exciting when it does. I have a lovely friend who lives in the UK and occasionally she will send me something, like just before my brothers wedding when I was heavily pregnant with Eve and I couldn’t find anything to wear she sent me a gorgeous dress and it was just perfect! She is pretty special!

Anyway, back to my surprise that turned up yesterday. I participated in a knitting accessories swap on Ravelry and yesterday I received my parcel! I actually thought that it was just my order I had placed with Red Riding Hood yarns as my swap partner happened to be the lovely Hannah who dyes the most gorgeous yarn. But when opening my parcel I discovered and extra one full of gorgeousness!


There was chocolate too, but that is already gone.

Thanks Hannah I totally love it!

Oh and the gorgeous little skeins of yarn match the petite set that I ordered off her…how thoughtful is that.

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