Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Thimble

I am so excited! The Australian Boutique pattern industry has some amazing ladies doing some amazing things at the moment. 12 months ago I would say that pretty much all of my patterns were from overseas designers but now I hardly buy anything but Australian designer. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing designers outside of Australia too and I love their patterns but it is really nice to be able to support some lovely Aussie mums!

Last week the lovely Jen from Ainslee Fox anounced a special project she had been working ezine! The first issue contains 8(yes EIGHT) PDF patterns for you to sew and all of them can be sold from. There will be articles on sewing and also on improving your business. This ezine is TOTALLY up my alley! 

Check out that dress! Isn't it just perfect! The pattern is one that is included. Oh! The back! I need to show you the back...
...sigh...Isn't it delightful!

I'm loving the K.I.S.S. dress too!

Actually I love it all. There are simple shorts for boys and an awesome appliqué. A cute hair flower and a bag your daughter will LOVE...well I know mine would anyway!

So I am sure by now you all want to know how you can get it and when!

Head over to the Facebook page to make sure you get all the info. You can sign up for their email list too. I have set a reminder in my phone so I don't forget to buy could I forget really, just covering all my bases!

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