Friday, December 27, 2013

My Handmade Christmas gifts

So Christmas is over and I only blogged 3 of my 6 promised blog posts! I sat down to do it a few times and kept thinking how I really should be sewing or cooking or something else and I ended up leaving the blog posts! I'm sure you can all forgive me for that!

I finished both dolls and their little outfits. I used the Pretty Peasant Dress from A Bit of Whimsy Dolls. It is made to fit her doll patterns and wasn't the perfect fit but it was ok. Heidi (the blonde doll) is wearing the original pattern and I made it a little bigger for Greta's dress. 

Both girls loved their dolls! This is my niece with her doll and her matching outfit. Isn't she adorable! She is wearing a Seaside Playsuit made with a Fresh Designs pattern

My girls wore their Disco dresses(pattern by Ainslee Fox) on Christmas day but I must admit that the lining was not yet stitched down! I stayed up two nights in a row until 2:30 am and they still weren't done so I did as much as I could before we left for out Christmas lunch and decided to put them in the dresses anyway. You can't tell and they are now all finished (apart from the belts!)

I would love to sew the Disco Dress again. I am not happy with my finish on the lining as I decided to machine stitch the bottom and it looks a little messy. I think I will hand stitch next time even though it will take SO much longer!

Today I enjoyed my Christmas gifts...I drank my new tea from my new tea cup while reading my new cookbook! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too xx

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