Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I guess it goes without saying that this time of year is Busy (with a capital B!). I have just finished my last business order and now I am getting my Christmas sewing list together. I have just a little bit to do...
Each of my girls will be getting new dresses so that is first on my list. They will be matching but not too matching!

I am going with the Disco Dress from Ainsley Fox.

This little Doll(Gretel) needs clothes! I am almost finished a little knitted tunic using this pattern and have also started a Poppy Cardigan. She just needs a dress or skirt and maybe some little shoes...I'm still deciding if I will knit them or sew them with felt...probably whatever is easier and faster!

Oh and I have to make another doll and her clothes too...I still need to buy the yarn for her hair...I really must get on to that!

I would love to sew a skirt for myself before Christmas too but I don't like my chances!

Oh and I need to make a Rapunzel Wig for a friends little girl too...not sure how much sleep I will be getting between now and Christmas!

I am going to blog daily between now and Christmas to keep myself on you can all give me a kick if I don't!

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