Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Week…

Wow! how did that happen? Here I was happily posting every(well most) day and I get a little distracted and it is now one week later. I guess that is just life.

So what did my last week consist of? Well, there was test knitting, frogging test knits, re-knitting test knits and eventually casting on something else so I could have a break from thinking about test knitting! It is a gorgeous little lace dress patterns but the few little errors did my head in after a few nights working on it! So I have now almost completed a gorgeous pair of longies for Eve. I used the Ultimate Longies pattern by Shannon Passmore and although at the beginning I was wondering what I was getting myself into with all the increases at different stages once I got started and referred to her cheat sheet it was a very easy and enjoyable knit. I really like her method for short rows too. It is one of the most effective for hiding them that I have used!


Apart from the knitting we have had snow! It only settled a little bit and then the sun would come out and it would melt…20 minutes later it would be snowing again and the ground would slowly begin to turn white and sure enough not long after that the storm would break and the sun would peek through! A bit disappointing really! No snow to play in for the cold weather we have been having. The hill opposite our house got snow settling though…I think we were just below the settling line!



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  1. Snow already! It was 100 degrees yesterday... I can't wait for the crisp fall air, the heat in the South has been stifling this year! Very pretty pics and love your blog :)



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