Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ultimate Longies

I love this pattern! I have knitted a few longies patterns and my favourite for a very long time has been the Ladybug loops pattern. It has the best bottom shaping with heaps of room for a big cloth nappied bottom. Oh but I do love the Ultimate Longies Pattern! It seems to be very sparing on the yarn as I got a medium pair out of less than 100g (plus trim). The legs are narrower than some other patterns which I love on a baby girl. I think it is more flattering and girly then the big wide legs.




Pattern: Ultimate Longies

Yarn: Mosaic Moon Malayan Orchid on 3 ply Uruguay Merino

Needles: 4mm for waistband and 4.5mm for body

Adjustments to pattern: Hem-feather and fan pattern without the purl row, Ties-chain with crochet flowers attached. Both of these were inspired by Kathok’s projects on Ravelry.

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