Wednesday, July 17, 2013

KCW – Day 2

Today I was going to finish that outfit for Miss 3 but Miss 6 had other ideas! I don’t blamer her though as Miss 3 gets most of my sewing samples for the store and it really was her turn!


This is the Flat Front Elastic Back skirt by Pattern Emporium. I made the size 6 with light gathers, tea length and pockets. I am so glad I did the pockets as they really add something to the skirt.


I had issues finding the right colour thread for the topstitching. I had a dark brown in my thread stash but it was way too dark. I ended up going with a dark gold colour and in the daylight it actually looks fine. I was all prepared to be unpicking the hem this morning to resew with a better match!


I will definitely sew this one again. I didn’t actually make the pattern pieces as directed in the pattern. I just cut them with my rotary cutter and mat. I think this was a lot faster for me. Oh I did use the pocket pattern pieces though.


I have pulled out some Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton that I might knit a little singlet top to match. I am still not sure about this though as I really like the tucked in look so you can see the waistband and cute pockets!


As you can see the pockets were a hit!



  1. I love skirts with pockets! I also want this skirt in my size.

  2. Those pockets are cute! I love the bias tape detail!



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