Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Little Artist

When Miss E was about 7 months old I decided to buy her some crayons. I ignored the information on the pack which said ‘for over 2’ thinking ‘my daughter is so intelligent that she will know what to do with crayons’………I was wrong! She decided that they were great for eating! I put them away thinking ‘well she must be a mathematical genius then!’ (yes I am one of those mums who thinks that my daughter is more intelligent than others! Don’t we all?)

Last week I decided to get them out again. I desperately wanted to finish some sewing and Miss E wanted my full attention (yes, bad mum!) so out came the crayons. She managed to make some marks on the paper but not many so I assumed she just wasn’t ready. I packed them up discovering that a few were missing and were not to be found anywhere! Later that day I discovered that my little artist did know how to use them but she would much rather draw on the bookcase, tv, and my books!
So here she is…my little artist!

Oh and Miss E seems to know exactly where those missing crayons are! They come out every now and then and she adds a bit more to her art work on the bookcase!

As promised, my little pincushion! I am quite pleased with it. I kind of made it up as I went along and am really pleased with the result. It’s a shame you only really need one pincushion as I would love to make more!


  1. ooh, love the pin cushion! I must make of these days LOL

  2. I really like the pincushion. If you want to make more, they do make great things for stalls. On Craftster someone made pincushins in china cups. I'll give you the link! (I want to make some!!)



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