Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 21 {Twirling fun!}

I did it! I finally got time to sew and finished (well almost) the circle skirts I cut a few weeks ago. Elsa’s still needs the hem done but here is Isla’s in all its twirling glory!

I think I need to make the waist smaller for both of my girls. I did measure their waist but they both have little tummys that poke out and the skirt wants to slide down and sit underneath it so it needs to be a little smaller to not be so loose where is wants to sit if you know what I mean. Elsa (21 1/2 inch waist) actually fits into Isla’s (19 1/2 inch waist) it is a little firm so I think I might try 20 1/2” for Elsa and 18 1/2 for Isla. SO quick and easy once I got started!




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